Stress Beating Tips
How can you make a start in reducing your stress? Well for a start you can follow these ten simple tips from Jim...


Make time for a hobby

It may sound simple (and it is), but doing something different (and more importantly enjoy whatever it is) can give you a great personal boost.


Get some exercise (and maintain it)

Get some regular exercise, which doesn't mean going down the gym every day and you'll be amazed how much better you feel.


Take Rest Periods

Everyone needs rest every once in a while, so why not make some time every day to sit down, relax and quite simply take some rest.


Good quality nutrition

Act quickly to re-balance at the first signs of distress.



Mutually supportive friendships are important for all of us.


Drink more water

The average adult needs to take in between six and eight glasses of water a day.



Practise deep breathing as often as you can. Breathing in through your nose and inflating your chest as much as you can and then releasing it slowly through your mouth does wonders.


Listen to relaxing music

No matter what your musical tastes, everyone will have some favourites pieces of relaxing music. Take time out, sit down and simply listen to the music (remembering to gently follow the breathing exercise above).


Practise Yoga

Carried down through the ages, yoga is proven method of not only making you more relaxed, but increasing your bodies flexibility and strength at the same time. You may be surprised to find that Yoga classes exist almost everywhere, why not hunt one out in your community?


Personal Stress Scale Manual

Compile and maintain a personal stress scale manual.

This page was last updated on 18th January 2008.